Happy New Year
Program Changes   for    2022! 

We at Elite Pools and Patio wanted to take the time to say "Thank You" for your loyal support and business throughout the past pool seasons!  We wouldn't be here without you.  We hope that you and your family had a wonderful holiday season and wish you all a prosperous and hopefully more normal 2022.  It's been quite a year for all of us!

Jen and I are busy regrouping from what has proven to be a most challenging pool season.  Equipment shortages due to manufacturing and shipping delays have carried over from 2020.  Computer chip shortages nationwide have caused severe problems in virtually every industry, ours included.  The largest manufacturer of chlorine products in the country lost their plant in Louisiana, thanks to a hurricane in 2020, and are still rebuilding and regrouping, which is still seriously affecting pool chemistry costs at a national level.  This is not a localized problem. It is nationwide! 


Staffing has become increasingly difficult due to a lack of a trades labor force and the federal governments push to dramatically change the minimum wage rates.  Although we feel we have always fairly compensated our crews for their work, we are now competing for help with convenience stores and fast food businesses that have begun to offer cashier positions at $17.00/ hr. and up!  Add to this list of industry issues the battle of COVID-19, a pandemic as the world has never seen, and you can understand our struggles.  The loss of life and health across the globe has been tragic since the virus struck.  Effects felt through the economy continue to ripple through the country, with no end in close sight.

Through all of this, Elite Pools and Patio is still here, looking optimistically into the future.  This would not have been possible without you,  so again, Thank You for your support.  It means everything!


Due to the reasons listed above we have been forced to revisit our business model and make some necessary changes to the maintenance packages we offer.  We have also added a New Service. Chemical Adjustment Service will be offered beginning in 2022. Details can be found on the Maintenance Programs page on the website.  This is a discounted weekly service we are adding to our existing programs.  All of our services, from Openings and Closings to equipment service and replacement have had to undergo slight increases and alterations from previous years, so visit corresponding web pages and read about the changes to each package.  We have done our best to minimize price increases as much as possible.  



Last season, due to the chlorine shortages the industry suffered, we took a significant hit caused by unforeseen mid-season cost increases.  Due to this and the overall volatility of future chemical costs, we will no longer be including chemistry costs in the contract for weekly services. 

The chemistry used for each pool will be documented, reported weekly, and billed separately at the end of each month.  This charge will be automatically drawn from a debit/credit card given to us to keep on file. 

 Any chemicals required will be weighed and used off our service trucks.  Maintenance customers will receive a 15% discount on all pool chemicals throughout the season.  This includes any specialty chemistry needed, such as stain and scale for salt pools and algaecides. Salt will not qualify for discounts.  Any specialty chemicals needed will be discussed and approved by you prior to application. 

Opening and Closing services will be billed separately from Maintenance Contract.  This charge will also be processed automatically on the card on file once the job has been completed.  As a Maintenance Client you will receive a 10% discount on both opening and closing.  Finally, you will also receive a 5% discount on equipment repair services and upgrades (excludes new heaters and safety covers).   These are New Discounts set up to help mitigate some of the increases we have been pressed to implement on service.  

Even with the unprecedented wage demands, most of you will see a decrease in contract amounts from last year, since chemistry is not included this year. For the few that are seeing an increase, we are also offering our New Chemistry Adjustment  Service, which will be significantly less.  See details on Maintenance  page of the website.

We look forward to helping you with your pool care needs this season and into the future.  We encourage all interested in weekly care to contact us early, as we will be limited in how many we can handle.  We have had waiting lists for maintenance since we've opened and expect the same this season!


                                                                                          Safe Swimming!

                                                                                             -Roger & Jen Wing

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