Seasonal Care Tips




"Out of sight, out of mind."  It is easy to forget about your swimming pool during the winter and for the most part, you can.  We do, however, have a couple of suggestion.

First, Add a dose of shock to your pool a month or so after it is closed. Peel back a small section of the cover and add a gallon or two of liquid shock (granular can be used but will need to be diluted depending on pool surface and type of shock. Read instructions whenever adding chemistry. 

Second, if you have a mesh safety cover or no cover at all, check your water level just before freezing weather and pump down if it is at the tile!  Call us if we can help! We offer additional pump downs late in the season if necessary. 

Third, if you use a solid cover, remove your cover pump and store before freezing begins!

Finally, come and see our fantastic new line of FIRE TABLES!  That's right! Enjoy a nice warm fire out on your patio this fall / winter with our elegant propane glass pellet or volcanic rock fire tables by Outdoor Great Room

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Call our friendly staff and discuss becoming a member of our exclusive ELITE POOL RESCUE PROGRAM! We offer a variety of pool maintenance packages to help make your swimming pool season an easy and enjoyable one!  Whether you're needing a completely hands-off pool season, a once a week cleaning and chemistry adjustment, or you simply need a hand while out of town for your family summer vacation, Elite Pools is here to help!

With the summer rains come acid, and with acid comes a problem with your pH.  One big storm can dramatically affect your pool's pH.  After heavy rains check your pH and balance accordingly or take a water sample into us at the store for a Free water analysis with our state of the art water testing system by Bioguard.  The excessive heat of July and August will cause your pool's chlorine to be depleted much faster than the beginning and end of the season.  Remember to check and add chlorine tabs to your skimmers/chlorinators a couple times per week.  


CALL US EARLY TO SCHEDULE YOUR OPENING! Space will be limited, so if you have a specific date or gathering you need to be ready for, CALL EARLY!

Prior to opening your swimming pool, we recommend pulling back sections of the cover and adding another dose of shock. As mentioned in Winter Tips.  Keeping a level of sanitizer in your pool water will help to keep algae at bay as the pool warms.  If you can, dip out any leaves that may have blown under the cover.  If algae is present on the walls you can brush the walls down if your feeling particularly energetic! If not, NOT TO WORRY!  Our experienced staff will be happy to get it cleaned up for you!  DON'T WANT TO CLEAN ALL SUMMER?  We can help there too!  Ask about becoming an Elite Pool Rescue Member.  We have a package to suit anyone's needs. Learn more under SERVICES tab at Home page. 


Call Elite Pools and Patio to schedule your pool Closing.  The challenges that autumn bring are clear in our area and made by this page background! LEAVES, LEAVES, LEAVES! This time of year, in our area, they can be as beautiful as this webpage, but NOT so pretty piled up in the deep end of your pools!  Each swimming pool and its surroundings are unique therefore maintenance challenges can vary greatly. It is this reason we recommend checking skimmer baskets daily.  Baskets can become clogged with leaves pretty quickly which stop the flow of water to your pump which will can cause you to burn up your filter pump motor which of course will cost you hundreds of dollars!  KEEP YOUR WATER FLOWING and CLEAN YOUR BASKETS (PUMP & SKIMMERS) AS WELL AS YOUR CLEANER BAG if you own a pool cleaner.  

Finally, have your pool as clean and balanced as possible prior to closing.  This will help potential staining and other issues that can arise through the down time of the off season.

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