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Seasonal Care Tips


Call today to schedule your pool closing, spots are filling up QUICK!  

The biggest challenge that autumn brings are LEAVES, LEAVES, LEAVES! While the change in colors may be exciting, it is not such a pretty site piled up in the deep end of your pool!  Each swimming pool and its surroundings are unique, therefore, maintenance challenges can vary greatly. We recommend checking skimmer baskets daily.  Baskets can become clogged with leaves which can cost you hundreds of dollars in system repairs!  KEEP YOUR WATER FLOWING and CLEAN YOUR BASKETS (PUMP & SKIMMERS) AS WELL AS YOUR CLEANER BAG.

Finally, have your pool as clean and balanced as possible prior to closing.  This will help potential staining and other issues that can arise through the down time of the off season. Not sure how? Come get a free water test with chemical advising or schedule a pool cleaning!


"Out of sight, out of mind." 

 It is easy to forget about your swimming pool during the winter. However, we have a few suggestions for keeping your pool in ELITE condition!

1. Chemistry- Add a dose of shock to your pool a month or so after it is closed. Peel back a small section of the cover and add a gallon or two of liquid shock (granular can be used but will need to be diluted depending on pool surface and type of shock) Read instructions whenever adding chemistry. 

2. Cover- If you have a mesh safety cover or no cover at all, before freezing temperatures come in, check your water level! If it is at the tile level or above, pump it down about 18 inches.  

3. Cover (solid)- If you use a solid cover, remove your cover pump and store before freezing begins!

Don’t want to get your hands dirty? We have you covered!

*NEW* WINTER 2020 SERVICE ($105.00)- We are now offering an extra winter service to all customers. Starting about 60 days from your closing, we will come out and add more shock, pump down the water (mesh/ no cover) and blow off/brush the cover. Call today to schedule your service!

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