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Water Testing

Did someone say FREE?

Our fully trained staff will be happy to test your pool water with our FREE* water testing using the BioGuard Water Analysis System. This state of the art water analysis system will ensure you a complete and accurate test for a trouble-free swimming pool! Walk away with printed step-by-step reports and confidence for your pools care.


* We recommend checking your pool water using a basic at home test kit twice per week.  Bring us a sample once or twice per month to keep ALL water components balanced and SAFE! 

Our system tests for:

Free and Total Chlorine/Bromine


Total (and adjusted) Alkalinity

Calcium Hardness

CYA (stabilizer)



Bioguard Pool Products

We also test for:

Salt levels



Don't want to come inside?

No Problem! Drop your sample off in the crate outside of our front doors! Just write your name, address, telephone number, and email on the sample. Once your report is ready we will email your results and can put together a box of sanitized products specifically for your pools needs! Pickup orders will be left in the crate once pickup date/time is established. Payment can be made over the phone prior to pickup. Need your products delivered? We deliver within a 10-Mile radius!

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